• Flora Wellesley Wesley. Credit: David Ball www.glassbrush.co.uk

  • Lincoln Drill Hall, Sara Giddens and Ansuman Biswas sitting watched by Guy Dartnell. Credit: David Severn.

Guy Dartnell

GUY DARTNELL is an inter/national award winning performance artist and filmmaker. He’s made five solo shows Something Or Nothing, Unsung, Bottle, Travels With My Virginity and Would Say Something. As an associate artist with Improbable (Theatre) work includes 70 Hill Lane, Spirit, Lifegame, Coma, Animo and their collaboration with Angela Clerkin The Bear. He was part of Lone Twin Theatre’s creative team for The Catastrophe Trilogy and is co-director of Oogly Boogly, a movement based event for babies. As a voice-movement artist he has worked with the likes of Meredith Monk and recent work in this area includes Shaping Sounds – an exploration of voice, movement and acoustic technology in relationship to deaf inspired choreography; Physical Music – visual music created from edited clips of voice-movement improvisation; Sound Movement – a research project with Berlin musicians exploring voice-movement blended with instrumentation; as well as Live Heart – a Heartnsoul supported extended voice project centred around down syndrome artist Danny Smith. Present work includes the meditation based installation Inward Out and helping puppeteer Christopher Leith, who has motor neurone disease, archive his past work and create a new piece working titled 3 Stages For Lazarus. Guy also works as a teacher and mentor and is training to be a counsellor. Amongst other influences Guy’s work reflects his studies in healing with Hilmar Schonauer, Process Work and Roy Hart psychophysical extended voice techniques. He has taught all over the world in various and diverse situations including the Esalen Institute, California, the Fooltime Circus Theatre School, Bristol and the Map Consortium.