Christiane Hommelsheim

After completing her studies of video and performance art at the Art Academy of Saarbrücken, Christiane Hommelsheim began creating voice performances in which video plays an important part. These works include her 2010 live/video performance, shadows, fairies and me, created in Berlin and in Brussels.

Christiane is also a voice performer, actor and improviser for several dance and theatre companies in Germany, France, and Belgium, she has frequently collaborated with Théâtre Agora (St. Vith) and Théâtre de la Vie (Brussels).

She has been a member of the Roy Hart International Artistic Centre (Malérargues, France) since 2006, she is a Roy Hart Voice Teacher and teaches regular workshops in Germany, Belgium, Austria and France as well as vocal coaching for theatre and dance productions.

In her artistic work she is researching the particularities and possibilities of her own voice in the system of connections between voice, body and consciousness.