• Anna-Helena McLean Workshop. Photo Clive Tagg

Presentations at SoundBox

In addition to the programme of workshops there are afternoon programmes of presentations, arranged to enable performers and teachers at Giving Voice and other special guests to present the philosophy and ideas which inform their practice, to be open to questions and to stimulate discussion and debate amongst contributors and participants. Presentations will take the form of performances or talks, sometimes illustrated by live demonstration, video and taped examples and slides. The information below may be subject to changes outside of CPR’s control. All presentations will take place in STUDIO L

Sat 11th 3.00–5.00pm

Brain, action, voice and new understandings

3.00 Joan Mills:

A welcome and introduction with reflections on developments since Giving Voice 1 in 1990

3.20 Danielle Meunier: The Intersections of Neuroscience and Voice Training

3.50 Dr Barbara Biscaro will talk about her voice research and her influences as well as vocal practices and wider research in Brazil. In 2010, Barbara was awarded the Edital Elisabete Anderle prize, allowing her to carry out the research into voice for contemporary theatre that resulted in a performance that has been presented in several festivals and theatres in Brazil and Italy as well as at Aberystwyth University. She will present extracts from this on Wednesday evening.

4.15 Kristin Linklater:A Virtual Greeting from the Orkneys

4.30 Further questions and discussion

Sun 12th 3.00–5.00pm

The sound of vocal invention: personal and poetic voices

3.00 Inua Ellams in conversation with Larry Larry Lynch joined by John Hall who will offer reflections and practical illustrations on poetry, prosody, space, voicing and meaning.

4.20 Jason Singh in conversation with Joan Mills about vocal composition and ‘sculpting’ performance.

Mon 13th 3.00–5.00pm

Theatres of the Whole Voice

3.00 Christianne Homelsheim & Walli Hofinger “Conscious Spontaneity”: mind-voice-expression – composing music from “vocal states”.

4.00 Maria Cangiano: will develop ideas on two of the key elements that make our voices unique: the stillness of the mind or a state of observing the mind and the flowing of the breath with high resonance in an organized body.

4.30 Discussion

Tues 14th 3.00-5.00pm

3.00 Sam Lee in conversation with Joan Mills and Frankie Armstrong

3.30 Musicophilia in Performance: Music meets neurology…Science meets colour…Listening for a way into our brains…

Axel Tangerding, Director of Meta Theatre, will talk about the making of Meta Theatre‘s new work, which has just completed a very successful series of performances in Munich, New York and Montreal. Musicophilia is an interdisciplinary music theatre project on brain and music based on Oliver Sacks bestselling book and made in collaboration with him. Axel will show a 60 minute film of this remarkable performance.

Wed 15th 3.00–5.00pm

Borderlands: an afternoon with artists who explore vocal/physical boundaries

3.00 Anna Helena Mclean: In conversation with Richard Gough

3.30 ‘Shaking and Faking it: when is a vibrato not a vibrato? And what happens when the voice falls apart?’

A lecture/presentation by Misri Dey

4.00 Expression, Containment and Acoustic Technology:

An informal talk with Q&A. Guy Dartnell will discuss his voice-movement work, meditation and a recent project where he used visual acoustic technology from the motor industry.

4.30 Discussion

Also Wed 15th April, following the interval after the evening performance

8.30-9.30: Work Demonstrations from Brazil and Argentina.

Barbara Biscaro: Work demonstration based on the performance A Menina Boba.

Barbara will show extracts from a performance A Menina Boba, the result of an intense and continuous research into the meeting between the singing voice and body expression and the study of the musicality as a tool for scenic composition. In 2010, she was awarded the Edital Elisabete Anderle prize, allowing her to carry out the research into voice for contemporary theatre that resulted in this performance/ demonstration that has been presented in several festivals and theatres in Brazil and Italy as well as Aberystwyth University, Wales.

Maria Cangiano: Work demonstration.

Quiet Minds, Divine Voices: From Opera to World Music

Maria is an Argentine World music singer, composer and educator who is the creator and director of a holistic pioneer graduate program in vocals studies at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero in Bs As, Argentina. Inspired by her Neapolitan grandfather who was an opera singer, Maria Cangiano had a classical training and performed many mezzo soprano opera roles at Opera Theatres in New York City but is now equally renowned as the ‘Edith Piaf of Tango’. Her studies and performances work at the boundaries between Tango, Latin American folklore, mixing afro music with Jazz and Classic elements, exploring the unlimited possibilities of the voice.

Thurs 16th 3.00–5.00pm

Close Encounters: identity, memory, and voice work with personal and social meaning

3.00 – 4.00: Innovative Work with Community ChoirsVerity Standen, Aga Blonska and Emily Dobson in conversation with Joan Mills discuss Hug and At the End of the Line with some of the performers and the audience.

4.00 – 5.00: Singing well-being and health

Pauline Down will discuss developments and approaches in working with elderly voices for health and well being.

Discussion Panel: Contributors will include- Caroline Bithell, Maria DiCarlo of Falmouth Arts for Health, Pauline Down

Fri 17th 3.00- 5.00pm

Voices: personal, local, global

3.00 Caroline Bithell on community, communitas, and song. Caroline will also discuss her latest research in Georgian Polyphony

3.45: In conversation: Frankie Armstrong, Claire Ingleheart, Joan Mills and other choir leaders and Natural Voice practitioners

As a part of their professional work, Frankie, Claire and Joan share the experience of teaching choirs and leading workshops in the community and will add their experiences to the Panel discussion also including Caroline and other Natural Voice practitioners and choir leaders.

4.30- 5.00: A celebration for the publication of the new edition of 99 Georgian Songs

The CPR invites you to join CPR, Magda Kevlishvili and (virtually) Joseph Jordania for the publication launch of the expanded and revised edition of 99 Georgian Songs and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Giving Voice with a glass of wine and some song…